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Rebuilding the dignity of women through
Love, Support and Advice

Overwhelmed by an unexpected pregnancy?

Northern Region Pregnancy Help Centres

Life First Randburg 082 556 7447
Hope/iThemba Springs 073 783 3033
Born to Care Delmas 073 643 1357
Life Link Kempton Park 083 562 6106
PCC pf Hope Bloemfontein 082 382 8020
Zoe Badplaas, Elukwathini 079 834 3112
Zoe Welkom, Elukwathini 064 664 0854

Madison Middleburg 071 387 2101
Born2Care Heidelberg 082 725 7777
Safe Space Mamelodi 084 266 1242
Nea-Zoia Pretoria West 082 412 1472
Open Door Polokwane 083 383 7047
Tshepho Vosloorus 084 952 8467

Kwa-zulu Natal Pregnancy Help Centres

Turning Point Port Shepstone 082 353 5556
Choices for Life Amanzimtoti 082 6679513
Hope 4 the heart Wentworth 064 890 9324
Eleventh Hour Durban 073 745 5740
Choices PMB 066 037 1831
Helping Hands Empangeni 060 361 8900
Snothando CFT Hammarsdale 063 452 0922
Open Arms National 084 488 1359

Eastern Cape Pregnancy Help Centres

Heart Matters Grahamstown 083 731 9732
Journey Jeffreys Bay 082 609 8462
New Life Uitenhage 072 688 0560
Heart for Alternatives P.E 071 997 0147
Breath of Life East London 079 941 2277

Western Cape Pregnancy Help Centres

Jubilee Observatory 065 527 7961
Choices Somerset West 081 879 5431
Abundant Life Table View 071 011 8471
Southern Cross Bredasdorp 083 328 6601
Inceba Bellville 083 992 2363

Options Care Centre George 072 894 3514
Options Care Centre Knysna 076 916 5636
Mercy Care Oudtshoorn 061 088 3721
Hope Options Centre Calitzdorp 076 271 9001
Heart-to-Heart Care Centre Mossel Bay 082 956 1041
Hope Centre Plettenberg Bay 078 177 5119 / 063 621 5159
Bernadettes Wings of Hope Zimbabwe 00263 779 761 577

Who we are

Life First Pregnancy Help Centre

Your needs are important to us. We offer help to anyone irrespective of age, status, religion, race or what the circumstances might be. We respect a women's right to choose at all times.

We are a non-profit Christian organization providing positive alternatives to abortion. We have trained counsellors and supervised volunteers.

Life First is aware that that there is a growing need for a facility where teenagers or women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy can seek information and help.

Those who experience their pregnancy as traumatic will panic. They find themselves feeling angry, afraid, depressed with overwhelmingly pressures and feel very alone. We reach out in love and compassion to each one. Everyone at Life First wants to make sure that women facing an unplanned pregnancy does in a not make a rushed decision while they are still in shock or state of panic.

We provide balanced, non-manipulative information and practical assistance in a friendly and loving environment, which enables the teenager or women to make an informative decision.

We also provide post-abortion counselling. We help those who have undergone the trauma of an abortion or those who have suffered a miscarriage.

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Vision and mission

Rebuilding the dignity of women through love, support and advice.

To provide a safe and non-judgmental place for women to seek help when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. To offer emotional, physical and spiritual support and advice for those seeking help to assist in making an informed and responsible decision for the way forward.

We have made it our mission to help both teens and adults with crisis pregnancies and to provide the emotional support needed. We offer help to anyone irrespective of her age, status, religion, race or what her circumstances might be. We respect a women's right to always choose.

All services provided by Life First are free and confidential.

What we do

  • Offer support and advice to a woman who is experiencing a crisis/unplanned pregnancy
  • Free Pregnancy testing
  • Clarity on life before birth
  • Pregnancy crisis counselling
  • Pre and Post adoption advise
  • Adoption referrals
  • Post abortion counselling
  • Support for single mothers
  • Friendly and understanding assistance

What you can expect

Unconditional love, confidentiality, genuine care, empathy and sound information regarding one’s options in order to make an informed responsible decision.

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Clarity on life before birth
  • Pregnancy crisis counselling
  • Pre and Post adoption advise
  • Adoption referrals
  • Post abortion counselling
  • Support for single mothers
  • Friendly and understanding assistance

Our Services

Do you need to talk to someone who is neutral, someone who can help you to look at your choices objectively and provide confidential advice and non-judgmental support?
We also offer post-adoption counselling and support.

Free counselling:

Extensive counselling is available to birth parents facing an unplanned pregnancy.

We will help you look at all your options, making the best possible decision for yourself and your baby’s future. This service is available throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. Our help is both free and confidential, and will support you in whatever decision you make.

If you choose the adoption option, you will have a say in choosing specific parents for your baby.


If you are considering adoption as a way of building your family, you are invited to contact us for further information.

All prospective parents who wish to adopt are screened and educated by an accredited, trained adoption social worker. You will work with a social worker, who will help you to develop the insight, or understanding, necessary for a well-prepared adoptive family.

Some Health and Safety Issues to Consider Prior to an Abortion:

Before you go to an abortion clinic or visit another abortion provider, you are strongly encouraged to consider some relevant and important safety and health issues.

Confirm Your Pregnancy:

One step you should take is to be certain you are pregnant. It is possible that you are not. A R20 pregnancy test can be purchased at your nearest pharmacy or go to the local clinic. An ultrasound scan can also confirm a pregnancy and how far pregnant you are.

You can phone and chat online, or via messenger on FaceBook (LifeFirstPregancyHelp) or WhatsApp contact Lyn on 0825567447 between 8 and 5pm. You may leave a message and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Understand the Risks of the Abortion Procedure:

All abortion procedures involve some potential risks. You have the legal right to know what type of procedure will be performed and what specific risks are associated with this procedure. This website and our trained counsellors can help you begin to understand the potential physical and psychological affects that an abortion may have upon you.

Investigate the Qualifications of the Abortion Provider:

Find out the name of the doctor who will perform your abortion procedure. Make sure that the person who will perform the abortion is a licensed physician and a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist. Also, make sure that the abortion doctor has appropriate privileges to admit you to a hospital if there are any complications.

Be very cautious to purchase “medication” or abortion pills on the street corner from a phone number on a street pole! Do not let shame, secrecy overwhelming pressures and fear drive you to desperation which could be detrimental to you as a person….

Maintain the Right to Say "No":

You can change your mind at any time, right up until the abortion has begun. Abortion is almost always an elective surgery.

You have every right to say, "I've changed my mind," while you are in the waiting room or on the table awaiting the abortion.

Saying "Stop!" is your right. Don't feel pressured into having the abortion if you've decided against it or just want time to reconsider.

If you have just had an abortion, it is really important that you take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and follow any post-surgery instructions. Do not hesitate to seek medical help if something just doesn't "feel right."

Maybe it's been a while since your abortion but you find yourself struggling or hurting in some way. Whether you've just had an abortion or whether it's been months or years since your abortion, we are here to help you.

We offer compassionate, confidential, non-judgmental help.

We're here for you so that you can call when you feel ready to talk.

Please let us help you.

Be Informed

I’m sure you have heard or know how it feels when you meet the one! Or that’s what you think at the time. He is older than you and just sweeps you off your feet. Before you know it sex is on the agenda. Your friends are all doing it so it must be okay right? Did you know that sex is a choice? And that most sexually active girls are having sex with a guy who is at least 4 years older than them? And that they are not his first!
Most girls are only really worried about falling pregnant and don’t know that there are over 25 different sexually transmitted diseases! And you can get them even if you use a condom.
STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are easily spread from one person to another during sex. The onset and infection of any of the below may go unnoticed until it’s too late to provide medical intervention and appropriate treatment.

Some examples include:

  • Clamydia is probably the most common and can make you sterile if left untreated
  • Genital Herpes is incurable and causes eruptions of painful blisters and ulcers on the genitals
  • HPV or Human Papilloma Virus can cause vulvar burning, itching, pain and even warts. If not treated it can lead to cancer
  • Syphilis is a bacterial infection that can be treated but if left can cause brain, nerve and cardiac problems and even death.
  • Gonorrhoea is bacterial infection and can be treated but many people have it without symptoms and left untreated it can cause infertility
  • Hepatitis B can cause severe liver damage leading to cancer, many of the children born to infected mothers develop liver cancer.
  • HIV (AIDS) - Most people infected with HIV will develop AIDS within 10 years. AIDS leads to death if not treated with Anti-retroviral (ARVs) medication for life!

Contact us and please make an appointment or send a WhatsApp or free FB message - Facebook LifeFirstPregnancyHelp


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